"I have worked with sites hosted by Shire.Net since 1997. The servers are not overloaded and the throughput is excellent. The level of customer service has been outstanding compared to my experiences with several other web hosting companies. The crew there makes every effort to accommodate my needs as a web developer."

William McKee
Knowmad Services

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Shire.Net Web and Domain Hosting Services

Shire.Net web services are a full range of services to get you and your business, organization, or just yourself on the web with a professional presence. From simple webspace, to WebObjects and JBoss application hosting, to complete virtual machines or even dedicated servers, we do it all in a personal and professional way.
Virtual Domain Web Hosting

Our virtual hosting is second to none. Host your own domain with our virtual web hosting service. You get your own IP address, access to a secure server (SSL), web server choice of Roxen or Apache, shell and ssh access, and more. You are in the driver's seat.

  • 150 MB of disk space. Additional space can be purchased at low prices.
  • 7 gig or 24 gig of monthly traffic depending on which of our data centers you choose
  • 20 Email Accounts using POP or IMAP and unlimited email forwards
  • Perl and mod_perl support
  • Java servlet and JSP support including Tomcat or Jetty support
  • Python and Zope
  • CGI -- you can install your own or use our free ones
  • PHP
  • FrontPage Extension support
  • MySQL and Postgresql access. You get your own MySQL server with root access or as many Postgresql databases as you need.

Cost: $34.95/month. Low $29.95 setup. You must own the domain or we can register it for you at our low registration prices. There is a three month minimum term for virtual hosting your domain.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Virtual machine hosting gives you a complete server of your own, running virtually inside one of our servers. You get root access to the virtual machine and can install whatever software you need; or we can install and run it for you. You can be as hands on or hands off as you want. The virtual machine lets you host up to three (3) domains at no additional monthly cost. Additional domains can be hosted for a small additional monthly fee plus setup. Virtual machines also have the benefits of the normal virtual hosting including PHP, MySQL, Java, Python, Email accounts and email forwarding. Additionally, the virtual machine service includes

  • 250 MB of disk space
  • 15 or 44 gig of monthly traffic depending on which of our datacenters you choose
  • multiple domains and virtual websites running in your virtual machine (sharing one (1) IP address)

Cost: $79.95/month. Low $44.95 setup. Additional domains hosted inside the virtual machine, after the first, are charged a setup of $22. Additional domains hosted inside the virtual machine, after the first eight (8), are charged a monthly $8 charge. There is a six month minimum term for a virtual machine service.

Deluxe Virtual Machine Hosting

Deluxe virtual machine hosting is identical to the normal virtual machine hosting except as follows:

  • 700 MB of disk space
  • 35/200 gig of traffic depending on which of our data centers you choose
  • Up to 18 (18) domains can be hosted at no additional monthly fee

Cost: $229.95/month. Low $64.95 setup. Additional domains hosted inside the virtual machine, after the first, are charged a setup of $22. Additional domains hosted inside the virtual machine, after the first eighteen (18), are charged a monthly $8 charge. There is a six month minimum term for a virtual machine service.

Simple Web Space

If you just want to put up a simple website, without your own domain name, we have some inexpensive and simple services. We can offer http://www.shire.net/YOURNAME service or we can offer http://yourname.shire.net service, which gives you your own domain inside the shire.net domain. http://www.shire.net/YOURNAME service costs $9.95/month with no setup. It includes 10MB of disk storage and 500MB of monthly traffic. http://yourname.shire.net service costs $18.95/month with no setup, and includes 15MB of storage and 950MB of monthly traffic.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server allows you the complete power and control over your own server. A real hardware server just to serve your needs. This can run either FreeBSD UNIX or Linux. You have root access, but we support and maintain the machine for you.

  • Includes 40 gig or 220 gig of monthly traffic depending on which data center you choose

Cost: depends on level of server you need. Starts at $850 install and setup, $475/month ongoing fee. Additional traffic, above the first 40/220 GB included, costs $50/15gig -- $50/60gig.

SPECIAL We are offering a special deal on single CPU P4 2.4ghz dedicated servers. Including 512MB RAM, mirrored 40gig disks and scratch 40gig disk, Linux or FreeBSD, $450 install and $450 a month with a 6 month minimum.


Please contact us with your ecommerce needs. There are no simple set solutions that can satisfy everyone's needs. We will work with you to get a solution for your needs.

Database Access

Normal virtual hosting and virtual machine hosting allow access to MySQL and Postgresql databases. If you need or want access to a full commercial, encrypted, SQL92 compliant database, we offer an optional service. Frontbase is a great, full service, full capability, SQL92 compliant database. Data communications and your on disk data can be encrypted for greater protection, and Frontbase supports full jdbc access for your WebObjects and JBoss J2EE applications, your Java servlets, and your jsp pages. Additionally, full ODBC access from other applications. This is a full enterprise level database with live backup capability, full transaction support, etc. This service can be added to any of the normal hosting services we offer. Additionally, at a different price level, people who host with other providers can access our Frontbase services.
FrontBase database

Cost: one time $325 license and setup fee. $5/month ongoing use fee. These fees are per database. When we upgrade the database server to a new version, and that version has a cost associated with it, that cost will be partially spread out over the using customers as a one time upgrade charge. This does not happen very often, and the cost is low (around $25-$45 usually). If you are not hosting with Shire.Net, but wish to use our Frontbase services from your other hosting solution, the following costs apply: $625 license and setup fee, and $75/month ongoing use fee.

PHP, Java, Perl & mod_perl, Frontpage extensions, Python

These are included in the virtual hosting and virtual machine services at no additional cost. Non-virtual Web Space has access to perl, Java, and Python.

WebObjects and JBoss J2EE Hosting

These are add-on packages to the normal virtual hosting. See the WebObjects hosting and JBoss hosting pages for more information.

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