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Shire.Net provides all the email services you need. From simple email forwarding or a single POP or IMAP account, to complete domain hosting for all your family, employees, or organization members. We also support discussion list maillist services. All our services are top notch and ad-free.
POP and IMAP Accounts

A POP3 or IMAP account allows you to receive and retrieve email from our well connected servers. With 50 MB of mail space, and full IMAP services or POP3 access, you can retrieve your email from anywhere in the world. You may also use our webmail service to access your account, for example, when you are not at your computer, or as your regular mail access. An email account from Shire.Net allows you to be independent of your ISP or to have a private email separate from your place of employment or business. Your account can be in one of our domains or you can use your own domain.

Cost: $2.95/month or $24/year (prepay). If we host your domain for email, and do not provide any other domain services, there is a yearly $9.95 domain maintenance fee. If you also use our web hosting services for your domain, this fee is waived. A one-time domain set-up fee of $29.95 also applies when hosting your domain on our email or web servers.

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding service provides you with an email address independent of your ISP, work, or place of business. All mail to this address comes to our machine, and we then automatically forward it to whatever address you provide us. This gives you the freedom to change ISPs, jobs, or to leave school and maintain your email address.

Cost: $9.95/year. If we host your domain with your email forwarding address, the domain fees apply as outlined under POP and IMAP accounts.

Discussion List Maillist Services

Host online discussion maillists with Shire.Net. Whether for your business, for your club or organization, for your church or civic group, your cause, or just for your family and yourself, a maillist is a great way to easily discuss and communicate with a closed group of participants. This and all Shire.Net email services are ad free. That means that we do not tag an ad or other bit of junk onto your mail list messages when they get sent out to the participants.

Cost: from $9.95/month. One time setup fee of $19.95. The $9.95/month service includes up to 300 subscribers, and 30 incoming messages a day, on average. Higher volume services available.

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