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Customer and Technical Support

Whether you need some technical help with your service or have a customer support business question, please use one of the following methods:

  • Email us at
  • Call us at 888 534 9585. Non emergency customer service and technical support calls are taken 9AM to 7PM (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday. Mountain time is one hour ahead of Pacific Time and 2 hours behind Eastern Time, and seven hours behind UMT normally. US Daylight Savings Time is observed here.
  • Use our Contact and Order form to submit your questions or comments.

Emergency Technical Support

If you suspect a system wide problem, like email is not accessible, but you can still surf the web, or you cannot update your web page, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Use the 888 534 9585 number at any hour, leaving a message if someone does not immediately answer. Also, please send an email to "911 at" detailing the problem. If you can try and diagnose the problem, please do. If you cannot get your email, see if is accessible by your browser. If you can get but not your email, there is a problem here we need to correct. If you cannot update your website or call it up, but can get email from our servers, there is a problem we need to correct. If you cannot access any Shire.Net services, it may be a general internet outage that we have no control over.

Email Forwarding Changes

Please submit email forwarding changes using our Contact and Order form or through email to, or by calling our 888 534 9585 number.

Contacting Us

Please send general questions to, or use our Contact and Order form. Support questions can be asked as above. We also welcome phone calls at 888 534 9585. For calling from outside the USA, please email us for a number. Our fax number is 888 534 9585. Our mailing address for payments is on every invoice. That address is a mail address ony, and does not accept walk in traffic.

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