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Shire.Net provides auxilliary services. We can provide secondary DNS services for your domains hosted elsewhere, and backup MX services to back up your mail system.
Secondary DNS Service

Having a DNS location outside your main network is important in case your main network goes down. Shire.Net provides DNS services for domains hosted elsewhere.

Cost: $50/year per domain. For approved hobbyist and home business domains, this $50 charge covers up to 5 domains.

Backup MX Service

Having a backup MX host is important to insure your mail is delivered ina timely way. Shire.Net provides backup MX services for mail domains hosted elsewhere.

Cost: $50/year per domain. For mail domains that are down very frequently, with large numbers of users, so that large amounts of mail are frequently held at our site, surcharges can apply. We have never had to actually charge this in the past, but reserve the right to do so. This only applies with very frequest mail outages with large amounts of email.

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