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About Shire.Net Email and Web Services Provider

Shire.Net LLC has been around awhile and will be for another long while. With no external debt, we can't be forced out of business. Our customer love us for the great personalized support and the reliable and fast service we provide.

Shire.Net Mission

To provide top class internet hosting services with personalized extraordinary service, excellent performance, and reasonable cost.

Shire.Net History

Shire.Net LLC started in late 1996 and was officially launched on January 2, 1997. Since then we have been providing internet hosting services including email and web services.

Shire.Net Technology

We use UNIX, the internet standard, for our hosting services. We run servers that are overpowered for their use, redundant in construction, and reliable for you. Our servers have redundant power supplies, SCSI caching RAID controllers with mirrored disks for reliability, and lots of CPU and RAM power. We support great technology like WebObjects™, JBoss, Java, UNIX, apache, Roxen, perl, python, etc. In our office, we use mainly Mac OS X and FreeBSD workstations and FreeBSD servers, with some Windows for support purposes.

Why Host with Shire.Net?

Shire.Net is the best place to host. We offer fast servers, great personalized service, and we won't disappear tomorrow like so many others do. We support a wide array of services and technology, and can provide what you need to make your site successful. Our internet connections are fast, redundant, and our physical location is great. Our founder is a software engineer with WebObjects, Java, OpenStep/Cocoa, UNIX, VMS, Macintosh, and much other experience. Not some bean counter. However, we do run a tight ship. Except for internal debt to the founder, the company is debt free and won't go bankrupt or be forced out of business.

Some of the Sites Shire.Net Hosts

The following list is not all inclusive, but shows some of the sites we host. These sites were variously designed by our resellers, and direct customers.

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