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Shire.Net Partners and Resellers

While Shire.Net sells services at retail to end users, we also work through various partners and resellers. Resellers are graphic designers, consultants, or others who prepare and create sites for their clients and then host them with us.
Benefits for Resellers
  • Savings on Hosting Services Versus our Retail Price
  • Superior Hosting and Support for your Clients
  • Reliable Partner in Shire.Net for You

Requirements to be a Reseller

  • Must purchase at least two virtual domains or similar services
  • Must show proof of business (business license, or reseller tax license, or business registration, or other similar document)
  • Must sign reseller contract that covers you and your clients behaviors with regards to our servers and services

Applying to be a Reseller

Please use our Contact and Order form to apply or for any questions about our reseller program. The reseller program is made to help you enhance your business and have quality hosting services you can depend on for your clients.

Resellers and Partners List

The following list is a partial list of reseller partners. Only those who expressed an interest have been added to the list. If you need excellent web design, programming, or other service, please use this list to find someone to meet your needs!

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